KTG vs MHU Dream11 Prediction | Kathmandu Goldens vs Mahendranagar United, Dhangadhi Premier League 2019, Team News, Playing 11

Match Preview of Kathmandu Goldens vs Mahendranagar United:

  • Team News of KTG vs MHU
  • Playing 11 of KTG vs MHU
  • Key Player of KTG vs MHU
  • Dream11 Team Squad
  • Best Performing Batsmen and Bowlers
  • Best Captain and Vice-Captain
  • Dream11 Team

Match Info: KTG vs MHU Dream11 Prediction | Kathmandu Goldens vs Mahendranagar United, Dhangadhi Premier League 2019, Team News, Playing 11

Where: Fapla Cricket Ground

Time & Date: 13th February 2019, 9.30 AM

Capacity: 10000

Pitch Report: This pitch is netural, this pitch more support to pacers and batting. spinners get little support from this pitch.

Team News Of KTG vs MHU:

  1. This is 5th match of Dhangadhi Premier League 2019 between Kathmandu Goldens vs Mahendranagar United.
  2. Kathmandu Goldens won their previous match against Dhangadhi Stars by 4 wickets.
  3. Gaurav Tomar and Anil Kumar Sah will open the inning for Kathmandu Goldens.
  4. Ankit Dabas, Gyanendra Malla, & Sonu Tamang will handle the middle order batting lineup of Kathmandu Goldens.
  5. Mahaboob Alam & Bikram Bhusal will handle the late hitting duty for Kathmandu Goldens.
  6. Gaurav Tomar and Ankit Dabas perform well in previous match. He score 28 & 29 runs.
  7. Nandan Yadav picks 2 wickets n previous match against Dhangadhi Stars.
  8. Lalit Rajbanshi & Ankit Dabas pick 1-1 wicket in previous match against Dhangadhi Stars.
  9. Bikram Kumar, Lalit Rajbanshi, Bikram Bhusal, & Ankit Dabas will lead the spin attack of Kathmandu Goldens.
  10. Rashaid Khan, & Yogendra Singh Karki will lead the pace attack of Kathmandu Goldens.
  11. Mahendranagar United lost their previous match against Rupandehi Challengers by just 2 runs.
  12. The batting performance of Mahendranagar United was not look good in previous match. He not achieve the 111 runs target.
  13. The bowling performance of Mahendranagar United was very good in last match.
  14. Silip Nath and Sharad Vesawkar will open the inning for Mahendranagar United.
  15. Subramaniam Anand, Kushal Malla, & Arif Sheikh will handle the middle order batting lineup of Mahendranagar United.
  16. Mohammad Naveed and Siddhant Lohani will handle the late hitting duty for Mahendranagar United.
  17. Sagar Dhakal and Avinash Bohara picks 2-2 wickets in previous match against Rupandehi Challengers.
  18. Siddhant Lohani picks 3 wickets in last match.
  19. Mohammad Naveed, Avinash Bohara will handle the pace attack of Mahendranagar United.

Playing 11 Of KTG vs MHU

Kathmandu Goldens Playing 11:

Gaurav Tomar, Gyanendra Malla, Ankit Dabas, Bikram Kumar, Rashaid Khan, Lalit Rajbashi, Nandan Yadav, Anil Kumar Sah, Mahaboob Alam, Sonu Tamang, Yogendra Singh Karki.

Mahendranagar United Playing 11:

Sharad Vesawkar (C), Dilip Nath, Avinash Bohara, Sagar Dhakal, Kushal Malla, Mohammad Naveed, Amar Singh Routela, Rohit Kuar Paudel, Subramanian Anand, Soddhant Lohani, Arif Sheikh

Key Players of KTG vs MHU:

Kathmandu Goldens:

  1. Anil Kumar Sah
  2. Gyanendra Malla (C)
  3. Sonu tamang
  4. Mahaboob Alam
  5. Ankit Dabas
  6. Nandan Yadav
  7. Lalit Rajbanshi
  8. Bikram Kuamr

Mahendranagar United:

  1. Arif Sheikh
  2. Dilip Nath
  3. Sharad Vesawkar
  4. Rohit Kumar Paudel
  5. Subramanian Anand
  6. Mohammad Naveed
  7. Sagar Dhakal
  8. Khusal Malla

KTG vs MHU Squad:

Kathmandu Goldens Squad:

 Gyanendra Malla (C), Anil Kumar Sah, Ankit Dabas, Avinav Yadav, Bikram Thagunna, Bikram Kumar Bhusal, Gaurav Tomar, Lalit Narayan Rajbanshi,Mahaboob Alam, Nanadan Yadav, Rasid Khan, Sonu Tamang,Yogendra Karki.

Mahendranagar United Squad:

Sharad Vesawka(C)r, Amar Singh Routela, Avinash Bohara, Deependra Chand, Dilip Nath, Kushal Malla, Md. Arif Sheikh, Mohammad Naveed, Rohit Kumar Paudel, Sagar Dhakal, Santosh Bhatta, Shahab Alam, Siddhant Lohani, Sushil Khadka

Best Performing Batsmen:

  1. Anil Kumar Sah
  2. Dilip Nath
  3. Anikt Dabas
  4. Sharad Vesawkar
  5. gyanendra Malla
  6. Siddhant Lohani

Best Performing Bowlers:

1. Mohammad Naveed

2. Bikram Kumar

3. Siddhant Lohani

4. Sagar Dhakal

5. Lalit Rajbanshi

6. Nandan Yadav

KTG vs MHU Dream11 Best Choice Captain and Vice Captain:

1. Mohammad Naveed & Sharad Vesawkar

2. Siddhant Lohani & Gyanendra Malla

3. Anil Kumar Sah & Ankit Dabas

4. Dilip Nath & Lalit Rajbanshi

KTG vs MHU Dream11 Team:

Both the Anil Kumar Sah & Dilip Nath Wicket-keeper are very good for choice.

Pick batsmen in Dream11- Sharad Vesawkar, Gyanendra Malla, Subramanian Anand, Siddhant Lohani & Rohit Kuamr Paudel

Pick All-rounder in Dream11- Mohammad Naveed, Ankit Dabas, & Gaurav Tomar

Pick bowlers in Dream11- Bikram Kumar, Lalit Rajbanshi, Avinash Bohara, Sagar Dhakal, & Nandan yadav

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